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There are many pieces, parts and hardware that work in tandem with a garage door, and they must be in good shape. If there's something wrong with them, or one of them, it can cause it to not only perform poorly, but cause the garage door to become unusable. Those garage door springs sometimes break or get displaced. You could have problems with your garage door openers. Garage door receivers and transmitters might break. The panels can be out of line or bent Sometimes there can be problems where the panels no longer work

Washington DC Garage Door is here to supply services that you need with your commercial or home garage door, and you can rely on our skill and knowledge to be sure it's done right. Garage doors are one of the biggest entries into a home or business, and it isn't merely to let one in, but to keep others out, and there is no excuse to let someone wait for long periods of time to have that security, and since your security is important, we are available 24/7.

We always do the work you need the way you want it to be done the minute we get there, and we provide our Customer Satisfaction guarantee, so that you will know when we have worked for you, the job we do for you is the best, and we don't stop working until it is done right. If you need assistance with your garage doors repair make sure to contact the ones who will get it right for you, Washington DC Garage Door.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We recommend you, lubricate all rollers and hinges and light spray grease should be used on the chain or chain drive openers.
An old pair of garage door tracks may not be compatible with a new panel or garage door system.
Yes,We provide 24/7, 365 days emergency service. Call us 24/7!
Yes, we have replacement parts for most garage doors and operators.

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